Divide by Zero is a TEAM of sTRATEGISTS
that help you change the way you problem solve.


we work in the areas of:

Proposition Development

We help unearth your companies' purpose, vision and values, and make lasting connections through brand marketing.


Technology Transformation

We help you orchestrate and action the most progressive technologies to transform your business.


We help your people prosper and your teams and processes run like clockwork and encourage new ways of working.



We use play to get deep insights to inspire smart strategy



THE PlaygrounD

Our Playground sessions is how we kick off our projects. The exercises we set encourage playful interaction that promotes lateral thinking, in an environment outside your ordinary working day.  

We deliver our sessions in two ways: 



Our face-to-face Live Playground sessions set in a neutral space which acts as a blank canvas. Here we run a range of playful exercises designed to uncover deep insights that help us create smart strategies.



We use our online Virtual Playground to gather insights or measure companies future performance on specific projects. Start-ups or companies with teams spreads across the globe, benefit greatly from our ability to run our sessions this way.