The making of an awesome WoolYs Rewards Campaign

When Woolworths re-launched their Loyalty Program in 2015 they took the bold step of bringing the entire program in-house. Not just the fancy Marketing bits but the whole kit and caboodle - creative, technology and customer experience.

Initially due to our technology smarts we were asked to help architect, build and deliver critical parts of their Rewards Program. But along the way helped them through the growing pains associated with a small but furious corporate start-up to becoming Australia’s biggest and best loyalty program. 

To ensure the wheels didn’t fall off completely we helped them re-engineer the way they ran and managed their entire marketing capability. This included looking at everything from the marketing technology stack to how they might go native and embrace Agile Marketing.



LAUNCHing a Venture Spirit

Most of us find Information Technology fairly dry. Boring even. Yet it has entirely transformed the way we live. Maybe we’re all too buried in our phones to notice. Which is why, formily-known-as IndustrieIT came to us to help them reposition their brand in a highly competitive market.

We helped them embrace their venture spirit and work toward their vision of bringing together awesome teams to create the world’s best software-powered businesses. We renamed and branded the company, launching Industrie&Co into market and helping them fulfil their brand aspirations and communicate their new story.


SOME CLIENTS we mEt in OUR playground



multi-dimensional human data

Technology is not an answer in and of itself; but a way to assist people with current challenges and opportunities we have in society and business. One of them is making sure companies align with the right people, vet their skill level and help nurture their talent ongoing. That's where Umano play, in that intersection between managers and employees. The beauty of the application is it assesses not only skill level but, communication and personality attributes, giving Mangers multi-dimensional human insights to power a better way of working.

We helped by giving the company clarity in proposition with a Brand Strategy, them named them 'Umano', which simply means 'human' and gave them a unique brand identity to take their app to market.


how do you do it


When we were invited to rebrand How Do You Do It – an organisation that helps coach mums and dads manage being better working parents – we did so with the brief to help them grow from a local business to a global business.   

Through our work, we don’t just believe – we know that a Brand adds real value to any business. A (re)brand results in a more engaging experience, attracting different customers and greater sales. If we do our job correctly all three line up to take a business from Point A to Point B. 

The distance from Point A to Point B – the value a properly crafted brand brings is often hard to exactly quantify – especially for a small business. We were lucky to craft a new brand for How Do You Do It right in the middle of their pitch to one of the largest consultancy firms in the UK.

In the pitch process, How Do You Do It got to demonstrate the perfect before and after. The brand they were and the brand we helped them become – in doing so winning a contract that launched them as a serious competitor in the UK market. 

And it helped us measure the point from A to B in this instance was in the hundreds of thousands of pounds.