Play powers CX


Play in the digital world can be a powerful catalyst in the interaction between a customer, a product and the seller. 

Brands that understand how to engage and improve the experience, who enable experimentation and ultimately become emotionally connected, are ultimately more successful. And digital technologies that enable an audience to connect, wherever they are and whatever device they use, will define the success or failure of your product.

So how can play in digital marketing improve customer experience:

The digital trinity
Ask and you shall receive

Routine can be playful engagement too. Take for example, the under-appreciated, but age-old “quiz”.

Facebook and Buzzfeed quizzes have mastered it. They create an atmosphere of play and at the same time capture people’s attention towards a particular product and service which in turn builds a level of engagement and intimacy.


But there seems to be lack of adoption of quizzes in wider marketing. With inbuilt Quiz apps, surveys and polls, you can measure your community and better understand behaviour and choice of your product and services, reaction towards a change in price, colour and in making decisions before the launch of the new product.

The correlation between taking quizzes, play and measuring performance is clear, according to Sherry Turkle, MIT Psychologist and Cultural Analyst.

“People have always been taking quizzes, but before social media you were doing it for yourself, but now they are specifically for performance. Here, part of the point is to share it, to feel “who you are” by how you share who you are.


Stimulated emotions… but with a purpose

Digital properties may be the only experience you have of a brand, so make this a playground for them to engage with your brand.

When you play with an emotion - an eye catching video, a meme, a colourful animation; you may directly or indirectly increase a level of interaction with a particular product or service.




There is so much [somewhat meaningless content] out there, meaning that users close their eyes to content - see pages and people you follow, with content that lacks purpose. Play has become the same old games, with the same people.

If brands spend thousands of dollars wastefully promoting their product without purpose, they miss an opportunity to engage in a meaningful way. To break this cycle, marketers need to cut mass campaigns, focus on micro-strategy and targets individuals, with relevant marketing.


Listen intently and you will be rewarded

In May 2017, Entrepreneur said to avoid “boring marketing” try new formats, new channels, messages; but most of all, be close to your customer”, play with them and you’ll learn together.

At Dividebyzero, we believe if you’re going to connect with your customers, then you have to play by their rules. When you spend time learning from customers and by helping them play, you can deal with today’s consumer demands better than ever, to create better results for everyone.

By Peter Lines — Digital Strategist / Divide by Zero



Dana Teahan