Myer – Loyalty & Direct Marketing Capability


Myer is an Australian iconic and is going through some of it’s hardest trading times in it’s 118 year history.

Following years of underinvestment in marketing, technology and process, the store requested Divide By Zero’s assistance to drive greater productivity from marketing operations, as well as open up new channels to talk to their customers.

We spent a lot of time understanding the overall business objectives and sitting with stakeholders to discover the source of their challenges.

We were commissioned to work on a new approach to direct and loyalty marketing. As part of the solution, we helped hire a number of key individuals, implemented a new process across the team and set to work on a marketing and technology roadmap for the future.

Some of the principles we adopted were:

  • The customer was front and centre of all improvements - we helped Myer to understand who their customer was and why the brand existed.

  • Change was to come from within. We spent time understanding their staff’s needs and identifying areas they were strong and weak. We motivated team members and agencies, and helped hire new staff to bring new skills to the business.

  • Our focus was always about driving best practice in process and tools, as well as the end marketing that was delivered to the customer.

The result?

  • Double digit growth in key metrics across direct marketing

  • Informed the future digital strategy for Myer