Telstra – 
New ways of working


When Telstra was given the mandate to go “Agile”,Telstra Wholesale looked to us to help translate what agility meant for their marketing team. The world of Agile Marketing is emergent and we ensured they made the right transition.

Divide By Zero stepped Telstra Wholesale through their entire transition to Agility


  • Built a strategy for the transition to Agile Marketing
  • Identified the right agile methodologies to use in the right circumstances
  • Designed, implemented and coached the TW marketing team through an Agile transformation
  • Helped the teams optimise activity from months lead times to weeks and days
  • Allowed Telstra to understand team performance metrics where none existed previously


Divide by Zero & Telstra transformed the way their wholesale marketing team operated, creating a faster, more adaptable, efficient and transparent processes while increasing team engagement and enjoyment of their roles.