Woolworths – a marketing transformation


With over 200,000 people and $59 Billion in revenue, Woolworths is not just big, it’s monstrous. Divide By Zero has a long history of helping Woolworths build capability. Since 2015, we have helped to re-engineer the Woolworths loyalty programme, Woolworths Rewards, to beat “Fly Buys” to lead loyalty in the Australian retail space.

We’ve helped Woolworths in three ways:

  • We’ve delivered new marketing channels (and re-imagined existing ones), to market in new ways via email marketing, display advertising, web, point of sale and mobile marketing.

  • We have re-engineered processes in teams to think smarter about the outcomes of marketing and technology initiatives; leading to a new Marketing Resource Management system.

  • We’ve supported ‘best-in-class’ customer experience, across a number of automation, web, mobile, and digital projects, meaning customers can seamlessly join, manage and take advantage of their rewards.

From early beginnings

When the Everyday Rewards product was re-branded and brought ‘in house’, Divide By Zero architected the marketing stack from the ground-up, launching foundational Salesforce capability and supporting personalised direct marketing targeting the right offer - to the right person - at the right time.

Over the last 3 years, the Divide By Zero team has worked on the full gambit of loyalty projects, across multiple stacks, over a broad spectrum of channels, relentlessly pioneering agile marketing and autonomous ways of working.

We have helped Woolworths achieve two core objectives; growing the database of 10+ million customers and improving the value of customers within the programme.


Now to the future, and it’s certainly bright. The programme recently joined the collective for the digital, e-commerce, customer loyalty and rewards, and customer service, across the whole business.

Divide By Zero is at the heart of the WooliesX transformation and the opportunity to market in new ways - across shared channels and data sets - directly where the customer is. This means new ways of delivering  rewards, in real-time, within the supermarket, at the liquor shop or at the petrol station.

We look forward to continuing to lead unparalleled marketing technology projects in the Australian retail space.